Trinny and Susannah shake up Cape Town!


Thank-you to Elle Magazine for the 2 free tickets to the MasterCard Style in the City Catwalk Elle show. Taking over the roof above the Audi store at the Waterfront, bright pink and white tents housed style and beauty exhibitions and the showroom with a huge VIP area and open tent housing great drink and food stalls. A red carpet ran the length of the area and all in all it was a striking, effective layout.  My little ster and I attended the 4pm show and, apart form the intense heat and snobby fashionistas flitting about, it was an awesome experience! After clamouring over to the empty seats clser to the front and digging happily through our Elle goodie bags, there was a fashion show which showed off some great local designers and I saw at least 5 dresses I pined for. The editor, Jackie Burger, then got up wearing a cool, overflowing white blouse and introduced the women we were all there to see. I have been an avid fan of the pair, catching every episode I could on BBC prime and even forcing my boyfriend at the time to endure the full hour as they felt up women, fought with and pushed them in and out of changing rooms and all ended up best mates in the end when the poor sods turned out looking fabulous and knowing finally, 'What Not To Wear'.

Their show in Cape Town was no less entertaining with both gorgeous, fun, down to earth women pulled (mostly unwilling) members of the audience up onto the catwalk to insult their style and redress them, with numerous comments about their shocking underwear and much boob feeling as they shook their heads at the amount of women wearing the wrong size bras. Susannah complained about the heat, lifting her fitted white dress to reveal their signature "slimming" pants that hold everything in but are no friend to wearers on a hot summers day. They talked openly about insecurities, menopause, finding a guy, losing a guy and how to feel great as 'you'. They are honest and straight-up, sharing personal stories and making you feel like you've known them your whole life and can totally trust their opinions! Yes they offend people, but 99% always end up happy and knowing how to look the best they can and love themselves without trying to adhere to some unrealistic model figure.

6 women were redressed and brought out at the end looking confident and fabulous! Lil Ster and I laughed and laughed, were left shocked and relieved that we weren't up on stage and totally entertained!

"Looking stylish is not about following fashion, losing weight, being rich or succumbing to the knife. It's about dressing to show off what you love and hiding what you loathe about your body". Trinny & Susannah

Come again soon oh Legendary Ones. :)