Pweddy pictures!

I wonder what it is about all things vintage that has become so adored and recreated over and over especially in the last few years. There's an age old opinion that as life becomes more saturated, communication easier and technology more incredible and all consuming, we cling to simpler times. Vintage represents "easy, moral and innocent". But does it? My dear friend Simone and I used to stay up until 4am when we were teenagers talking about things like this. Yes, you're thinking, "Why weren't you out galavanting?" We did that too but sometimes we just liked to stay up late, reading poetry, sketching and analyzing everything from why guys were...well guys... and why we always seemed to look back and think *sigh* "Those were the good ol days."

Hang on a cotton picking minute.... NO THEY WEREN'T!! They weren't simpler or easier?? In fact, we were more confused and probably stressing about some silly problem that would turn out to be nothing.

Moral of the story: Enjoy the NOW because its very likely that 'now' is the 'good-ol-days' you'll be missing later knowing full well you never fully appreciated them at the time.

Anyway, I still love these pics c/o Sloane Photography and done for the couple's engagement. Rather fetching :)