The reading experience...

I recently stumbled upon some gorgeous ads thanks to The agency is Kaspan and they created them for Anagram bookshop, in Prague. “Words create Worlds,” the ad states. I love.

I followed a similar concept when I entered the 'Redesign Our Bag Competition' that Exclusive Books held in 2008. They held a national competition to find a bag design that would encompass the brand, show their passion for books and the effect they have on readers in South Africa. I was honoured to be one of the top ten finalists.

I decided that an explosion of watercolour effectively shows the way reading can open up your mind and show you amazing things. I used Nelson Mandela and Brian Habana for two designs, keeping the South African feel. Each theme from sport to romance is illustrated in colour with the striking white images cut out of it.

Here (above) we have the history/politics theme and generic bag. Below it is the back of the bags where the colour of the man and his tie will differ accordingly.