Wow. I love photography at the best of times but this girl just has a way of doing it that makes it seem fresh and cool and yet... classic and vintage with depth. Her pictures are real and emotional and artistic and she seems to do mostly couples, maternity pictures and fashion shots. She loves polaroids and pretty things, nature and romance.

In her about me section she says, "I favour absolute honesty and intimacy over forced smiles and cliches.While being recptive to imperfection and the ordinary."

I also really like the way she meets with people for a chat over coffee or whatever to get to know them and really capture their true personality in the photos. And, the way she expresses something totally different with each set and even with each photo! Someone commented on her blog saying this:

luminescent one is she…

one that captures those breathlessly…

lighted within, many contend,

eye to hand with rules to bend

exploration to be viewed

gracefully poised, Miss Andrews


Such humour in these "Modern Love Pics"...