{ Blissful Respite }

Ok so I have a little addiction to beautiful, often surreal or otherworldly photography. There! I said it. AND I'm just obsessed with Europe. That's what my piggy bank (as empty as it may be) is for. I just lurve the culture, art, design and scenery that it has to offer and until I get there I can feed my addiction with other people's depictions of the continent. Today I want to feature a great photographer's work: Alicia Bock. (http://www.aliciabockgallery.com) Self taught and brought up in Michigan and Florida, she has a wonderful way of looking at things and creating a composition out of the simplest or most detailed parts of an image to result in subtle, pretty pieces of art. In her polaroid section of her website she says, "Photographs from this collection have a lovely soft texture, full of vintage charm." I agree. She uses lovely names for her pictures such as 'Shade and Shadow', 'For Rent', 'Whispering Wind', 'Covet', 'Lunaria', 'Flight of Fancy' and the name that started this entry, 'Respite'.

AND now, for the grand finale... My favourites from her collection, "I Love Paris in the Springtime"

Just too pretty!!! Au revoir!