Keep Calm and Carry On

Today is moving day and I would normally be stressed and running around like a headless chicken tossing things into bags and stuffing my car to the absolute limit. However, I am taking a Zen attitude today. in fact I think if I had a full skirt, perfectly curled hair and an apron, with my facial expression today I would blend effortlessly into a scene from the fifties. Anyway I digress... Recently I noticed a poster appearing in a lot of the interior design sites I frequent.. Its simple, clean typography and great message caught my eye and I decided to find out more.


This poster was created during World War 2 in Britain for a "worst case scenario" i.e. If the Nazis took over. Its so mod and clean yet carries such a typically British stiff upper lip message which incidentally, today, is calming and become a design trend followed worldwide. It was never used for its original purpose and after its rediscovery in 2000 is now available in almost any colour- even gold!

c/o Swiss Miss

or turquoise!

So that's my message for today folks. And on that note, having put this as my desktop background, I'm off to panic.. I mean! Pack.