Appreciation Station: Oysho & David Hamilton

Whilst perusing a gorgeous blog, Lola is Beauty, I came upon the clothing brand: Oysho. Its b.e.a.uitful!! And the latest collection was inspired by a photographer's work, namely, David Hamilton.


They were established in 2001 and are based in Tordera (Barcelona). Feminine, stylish and pretty with a dash of nostalgia. Each section is divided with a quote adding a story-like quality to it all. e.g: That afternoon, silence reined under the majestic chestnut tree. A gentle summer afternoon breeze gradually entered, rustling the tree's jagged leaves.

David Hamilton

According to Wikipedia, Hamilton was born in 1933 and was an evacuee from London to Dorset during World War 2. This is said to have influenced his work as well as his current country of residence: France. He worked as a designer for Elle and Queen Magazine as well as Art Director for Printemps in Paris. His photographs became popular in the 1960s and the hazy, feminine style came back into fashion in various magazines, such as Vogue, in 2003. He produced numerous books of his work during this time. His photos have a soft, eerie feel to them and this ethereal style is still attempted by many photographers today. These particular photos are from his book Demoiselles published in 1972.

Thanks to Lola In Beauty, Wikipedia and Oysho. Pic sources:,