I Lurve Letterpress

No longer associated with ze olden times, this amazing form of printing is still used today and while the designs are much more daring and modern, the method is pretty much the same. Artists who excel at Letterpress tend to be brilliant with typography as can be seen by the examples below:

Designer: Jason Gomez Printed by Swash Press

Letterpress designs range from the elegant detail as seen below...


to clean, simple prints which are accentuated by the indents and embossing created by the pressure of the plate.

Letterpress Delicacies


This one made me smile... :)


Alee and Press

Maginating Design, http://ohsobeautifulpaper.com/page/10/?s=letterpress&x=0&y=0


In her usual impeccable style we have *drum rooolll* Jessica Hische:

This amazing poster by Cameron Moll took him over 100 hours!


All this beauty comes from beautiful craftsmanship :

I'm dying to learn how to do it! Watch this space! Thanks to http://ohsobeautifulpaper.com/