Watch It: {Eat Pray Love}

Now you all know what a fan I am of the book by Elizabeth Gilbert, so you can imagine my excitement at FINALLY watching the movie staring the incredible Julia Roberts as the main character. Lost and confused in what from the outside appears to be a perfect life, Roberts really captured the character, her angst and frustration with herself and her seeming inability to be happy or satisfied with her life. I just adore tales of self-discovery, especially when they involve exotic places and romance. Don't get me wrong, I'm the first to agree that you can't run away from your issues, but sometimes all one needs is a big distraction and change of scenery to realise that those problems have no substance or ability to make you feel anything. Anywhoodle, I am drifting. The movie. [youtube=]

I like. I like very very much. All 3 places, Italy, India and Bali brought new beautiful scenery to the screen and fabulous new characters for us to relate to or just plain ol love. The sweet Sofie in Italy, the cheeky yet kind Richard in India and the inspirational and entertaining medicine man in Bali.

We are taken along with her as she comes to terms with her failed marriage, realises what's important and allows love to enter her life from every angle....friends, Felipe, prayer, life and all its experiences. I love the barber scene, where the local Italians berate her for feeling guilty about eating carbs. They say that Americans (or Westerners I guess) don't know how to enjoy life: il dolce far niente, “the sweetness of doing nothing". Other moments I loved include: the part where she watches the sun rise around her in Italy; when she tells Tulsi how she wishes her a happy marriage in India; when she dances with Felipe; when she goes back the medicine man; the dramatic hand expressions in Italy and many more.

This book/movie fascinates me because people either love it or detest it. It has such mixed reviews with people fussing over western views of Spiritualism being misleading or in the other extreme, fans who love every aspect. Even if you fall in with the fussy peeps, give it a watch because the scenery is stunning and its great to watch something with depth that you aren't guaranteed to cry into your popcron about.