Some Work Inspired Realisations

Lately, as I fumble along, dealing with massive decisions about jobs and career and money, I have done a lot of thinking. Not that that's anything particularly new. Those who know me will tell you that I'm a thinker. But anywho, today I was thinking about work. And free time. Oh how I miss it. I am amazed at how much free time we take for granted as kids or students. When I joined the working world I realised:

1) How very precious free time is.. I'm talking the kind that is completely without responsibility or time limited task; without errands or places to be.

2) How wonderful a full, long nights sleep is.

3) And on the other side; how great it is to have something that you enjoy have to get up early to get to...

4) That just because someone is older or more experienced than you, doesn't mean you should take them seriously or automatically respect them.

5) That being kind to colleagues, employees and so on costs nothing and makes for a happy work enviroment.

6) Patience. Oooh patience.

7) That yes... It is all about attitude. But sometimes a place just isn't right for you.. and you will be more inspired and harder working somewhere else.

8) That people will push you as far as you let them. If you are a pushover. They will treat you like one.

9) That we must always be open to learning.. but never undervalue our work.

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