For the love of Fairy Lights

Last night we ate at Van Hunks, a new and interesting bar/restaurant on Kloof Street, Cape Town. It has a great deck area in the front. During the meal I took a moment to comment on the amazing effects fairy lights have on almost any place you put them. My friend agreed, though he rightly pointed out that flashing fairy lights are not so calming and tend to look tacky.In the lovely big  house I was lucky to live in last year, they had fairy lights in the main bedroom, along the ceiling, and outside, twisted through the vines above the courtyard. Now this beautiful old house had character, wooden floors and numerous other homely touches...But when night fell and those lights came on... Well, it was magical.

So today I'm saying thank goodness for the wonder that is those simple little bulbs. Enjoy :)








Stacey Burrfairy lights