Eat Move Learn

3 guys. 44 days. 11 locations. A terabyte of footage.EPIC

The result is 3 compelling, beautifully edited short films, showing actor Andrew Lees experiencing the countries they visited with no apparent limits as to what they were willing to try! Divided into 3 categories: Learn, Eat, and my favourite, Move, you will be inspired and amazed by what you see, how much they cover, and how perfectly it's all shot. I love the fact that they were so clearly respectful of the people and their cultures, so keen to learn and really embraced the places they visited in their entirety. These include: Peru, Spain, Italy, France, and Chile.

STA Travel Australia sent the 3 of them: Rick Mereki, Andrew Lees and Tim White on this amazing trip. So, this is FANTASTIC advertising! Love it.

WARNING! If you suffer from the Travel Bug as I do.. this will only increase the symptoms. Watch at your own risk.








STA TRAVEL Thanks to - where I first saw these videos.