Bookcover Love: F.Scott Fitzgerald Collection

Whilst perusing the shelves of Exclusive Books the other day (one of my favourite pastimes), I came upon two beautiful, unique book covers:

I'm in love... and a little envious that they aren't my design :) They are in fact, by the very talented, Coralie Bickford-Smith at Penguin Books. She really has an incredible job! But my does she deserve it. She is extremely talented! I particularly liked the interview she did with Design Sponge. Her use of foil really makes the book look classy and luxurious, and the patterns are so appropriate for the time the books are set in, the themes of each individual book and yet so modern!

This new collection of F Scott Fitzgerald classics is truly inspiring, and since I have just recently seen the ol Great Gatsby for the first time, today I would like to honour this piece of design, and thank Penguin for continuing to make the classics appealing to all.

Even the bookmark is perfect!

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