KOL in Cape Town

Last night we finally got to experience the AWESOME-NESS that is Kings of Leon live in Cape Town. Hence the little poster above i made to celebrate the occasion :) It was special for a number of reasons: a) It's Kings of Leon. They are amazing. b) It was my first time in the Greenpoint Stadium.. Yes, ridiculous, but anyway.. I was very impressed! c) It was my Christmas present.. yes, you read right, it's been a long time coming, from lovely Boyfriend.

They were so, for lack of a better word, ON. The sound. The lights. Amazing. We were lucky enough to be in Golden Circle and the energy was contagious. You could tell that we have all been waiting since March (when the concert was originally supposed to happen). I especially loved The Bucket, My Party and Mary. The effects and filming were incredible from the start but they ended with fireworks to just add that extra layer of awesome. :) Come back soon guys. Thanks to friendlings for an epic night! And to the girl that attempted to crowd surf, only to fall flat on her face, I admire your efforts.. Over and out*