The Girls With Glasses

OK guys this post is WAY overdue. I have been following The Girls With Glasses for a while now and I just adore them! Summer Bellessa is the Eliza Magazine editor and Brooke White is a brilliant singer and songwriter who saw a gap in the market for intelligent, cute girls to talk about things in a fun, quirky, yet informative way. Aaaand drumrollll... result: their awesome online variety show: The Girls with Glasses Show! Here is their theme song, set to stop motion, 'I Am a Girl': [youtube=]

(Pics by Angela Kohler.)

Everything from the lyrics and music, to the fashion is just gorgeous! It's charming and funky and cute all at the same time. Since this video, they have done loooads of great shows and interviews with the same quirkiness. Here is another example, but for more check out their site


One of my favourite bloggers,  Joy Deangdeelert Cho, has featured them on her {closet & casa} section. See the lovely post here

Besides the awesome videos, their blog also has pictures and giveaways. They have been featured on katespade, and interviewed the ladies.


From the interview with

I am consistently cheered and inspired by The Girls With Glasses Show. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do readers! Over and out*