More Coralie Bickford-Smith {Great Food}

Following my last post on this fantastic designer's Penguin F. Scott Fitzgerald's range, I would like you to see her book covers for 'Great Food', which were developed and selected by Pen Vogler. She works at Penguin Books and has a great appreciation for food. Here is an excerpt from Pen offering a description on the series:

The twenty books in our forthcoming series GREAT FOOD are the love-children of an affair with old cookery books that began in the British Library last year.   Here I fell in love with the way that these recipes gave a matchlessly evocative insight into the kitchens and domestic lives of such different forebears, from Tudor ‘smoar’d coney’ and preserved rose-petals to an Raj-era Colonel’s directions for ‘Mulligatunny’, and a Michigan doctor’s magpie-like accumulation of recipes for Buffalo Cakes and Indian Pudding. 

Part of Coralie Bickford-Smith's non-fiction range designs, these books draw you towards them with the lovely use of texture, pattern, colour and type. (The lettering artist was Stephen Raw.) Besides just being beautiful, they give the reader a feel of what each book contains and really capture the quirkiness conveyed in the book names. While the variation on the Penguin logo holding a knife and fork stays the same, even the Great Food brand title changes according to the theme of the specific book. Some of my favourite book titles inculde: 'Buffalo Cake and Indian Pudding' and 'Everlasting Syllabub and the Art of Carving'.

These two are probably my favourites..

And they look so very pretty all lined up!