{To Live} Wayfare Magazine

This incredible new online magazine was a very pleasant surprise, as I often feel a tad dissatisfied after poring through books and magazines about travel. Rather than simply rambling on about what there is to see in this place and that, how much you will spend and so on, Wayfare has taken a fresh approach by focusing on "celebrating the art of the journey". I love that.I have wanted to travel for as long as I can remember.. but still take so much joy in little road trips, sitting on a boat as it crosses a small lake, driving into a wine farm... While these things are child's play compared to a long train ride across China, there is something whimsical about exploring. About the journey. Ah the life metaphors.

To quote Wayfare Magazine:

We recognize that travel is not defined by how many miles you cover. It’s about finding inspiration along the way and celebrating the everyday moments. It’s about the spirit of discovery – breaking out of your routine to unwind, connect, and learn.  It’s this desire to go, to celebrate and to experience that drives everything we do.

Happy place. And their design and photography is rather fantastic...

I especially loved this article about a family of 4 who moved to East Africa to farm coffee beans. The pictures of the little boys, and the farm are gorgeous! Growing up in Africa, and having time on a farm, truly is unique.. special.. and leaves a mark on you that no cityscape can.

You can read the mag here: Wayfare :)