{To Delight} Manic's Merrymaking Packaging

Wow. Ok so I am probably rather late with the whole jump-up-and-down-about-this-thing.. And I do apologise. Because I am so impressed with this packaging, both design and concept! I spotted this Merrymaking Musthaves Set on the dieline. The back of the kit states:

"This kit holds all of Manic's secret ingredients for a remarkable Christmas. Consumed correctly, this bundle will produce the most magical effects eternal youth; a keen nose to guide you to the nearest bar; an outstanding sense of humor; and an insatiable desire to be merry."

Created by Manic Design, in Singapore; this is a collection of goodies to add enjoyment to the festive season: Bravado Beer, This is Water, Disco Dust, Naturally Naughty Reindeer Digestives, Porter Potties, and even some Good ol' fashioned Mirth. With such creative names, how can this not be cool?? Ah wait till you see the packaging...