{With gratitude} Stacey Burr Design

EvaBlack_soar This wonderful piece by Eva Black truly inspired me the last few months. Creatives that discover their niche and work hard to make a living out of it motivate me to go the same way. As a first step, I finally completed my portfolio site. Yes indeed, Stacey Burr Design now has a home, a base, a place for clients to see what I'm all about. Having started it last year, I put everything on hold while working for an awesome company full time for over a year. Deciding to go it alone recently, and find what it is that makes me tick; from calligraphy and illustration to web design, reminded me that in this day and age, one needs a website to really exist : ) With a lot of coffee, many an hour collecting old projects and clicking away on Photoshop, loads of help and encouragement from loved ones, in particular my family and boyfriend, it is done: { staceyburrdesign.com }

I have been overwhelmed with the response. Thank-you to everyone who's liked the page, sent me feedback and messages of encouragement. You have all made me feel like I'm doing the right thing. : ) Climbing every mountain and all that (ahem, Sound of Music, cough).

Love and robot hugs, The Burr