{To create} Order is freedom


My sister and I spotted this on Pinterest this past weekend and it really resonated with us. One doesn't often associate the words "fierce and original" with "steady and well-ordered". Being organised in life can often feel like an uphill, daily battle. What I have come to realise is that once you have your affairs, tasks and possessions in order, and have a system that you trust and find easy to use, continuing in that fashion is so much easier. For me, the beauty of this quote is that it tells us that creativity doesn't have to grow from chaos or desperation (which is an assumption I have leant on in the past). A simple example: if you think about painting, there is something so appealing about a fresh canvas, perfect lighting, paints laid out in order, and clean brushes. Going even deeper into that example, going to art classes and practicing those techniques eventually results in more freedom of expression because you are able to push the seeming boundaries of your capabilities and produce grander results. So, taking time to organise your life to accommodate practice, studying, having a clean ordered environment, aiming for consistency, actually leads to more creativity.

Go forth and conquer the suggestion that you are a disorganised person, too busy floundering in the resultant chaos to stop and develop your own unique ideas. Put things in order to allow yourself to create and be truly inspired by your own capabilities.

Source: Thank you to Eva Jorgensen of The Sycamore Street Press who hand lettered this beautiful quote and has inspired my sister and I to add more order to our lives.