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Akkerdal Sex & the City2 Party

Amid all the buzz of Sex and the City 2, our lovely house decided to host a party in honour of the occasion. It was a celebration of friendship, of the legendary Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Of our strengths and our weaknesses (fashion) and a chance to have a night without any interruption from boys because lets face it, they just don't get us sometimes. In fact, when I told a few friends that we would be missing the rugby to get dolled up, drink cosmos and watch Sex and the City 2 the most common reaction was a blank look, followed by head scratching and/or a confused tirade about how guys would never do anything like that. Yep, that is why you weren't invited :)

So we donned our most Carrie dresses, prettified ourselves and strew the living room area with our prettiest bras and bags. It was a fabulous night and we all loved the movie! We followed it up with a dance and toasts to us! If you loved the first one prepare for one even more OTT and fashion oriented than before.

Sex and the City { Style }

This is in anticipation of the latest movie to follow the ever successful series: Sex and the City 2! We are having a party on Saturday, getting dolled up, drinking cosmos and generally getting Carried away (ahem...cough) and then, watching the movie. Happiness is.

(sources from fashion pieces to follow),