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{To Style} Winter Boots

Ah winter. Tis here. Tis cold. To be honest I there are a number of things i looove about Winter. The usual really; hot drinks, cuddles, great movies inside... and the clothes. Layers, scarves, and of course, boots!

(photo source unknown- if you know please drop me a line)

While wintery, drizzly weather isn't really conducive to shopping, we live in a world of convenience where our purchases can be delivered to our door. Sooo, I found some gorgeous ankle boots for you to peruse and potentially add to your winter wardrobe. I used to be wary of ankle boots, imagining them adding excess weight to that part of my body. But, funnily enough, the opposite is true. All you need is a bit of a heel, (on the boots, obviously) and to pair them with either tights or skinny jeans/pants and behold! A fashionista is born. A chunky scarf up top, or thick collared coat also balances out the outfit perfectly.

Daniella Michelle Julieta Ankle Boot Chetsnut R799  | Xti Ankle Boot Black R719 | Sissy Boy Ankle Boots Grey R 549 | Launch Brogue Ankle Boots Black R399 | Launch Wedge Lace-Up Fold-Over Boot Grey R399 | ZOOM Ankle Boots Phoenix Black R459

Oysho Swoon 2011

It has been a long long time since I looked at the Oysho website. So when I saw a  blog post on their new packaging... I rushed over to their site to oogle at their products. Mmmm!!! Here are some of my favourites: I love the simplicity of their packaging. Gorgeous gorgeous stuff.

Love love the cute and fun packaging for their socks! According to their mission statement, they really consider the environment and sustainability too! Thumbs up guys.

In other products, from accessories to PJs, they have used bears, bunnies, Tin Tin and the cat from Alice and Wonderland, to name a few.. and which really bring in a cute whimsical feel!

You can buy these awesome bits and bobs at

The Girls With Glasses

OK guys this post is WAY overdue. I have been following The Girls With Glasses for a while now and I just adore them! Summer Bellessa is the Eliza Magazine editor and Brooke White is a brilliant singer and songwriter who saw a gap in the market for intelligent, cute girls to talk about things in a fun, quirky, yet informative way. Aaaand drumrollll... result: their awesome online variety show: The Girls with Glasses Show! Here is their theme song, set to stop motion, 'I Am a Girl': [youtube=]

(Pics by Angela Kohler.)

Everything from the lyrics and music, to the fashion is just gorgeous! It's charming and funky and cute all at the same time. Since this video, they have done loooads of great shows and interviews with the same quirkiness. Here is another example, but for more check out their site


One of my favourite bloggers,  Joy Deangdeelert Cho, has featured them on her {closet & casa} section. See the lovely post here

Besides the awesome videos, their blog also has pictures and giveaways. They have been featured on katespade, and interviewed the ladies.


From the interview with

I am consistently cheered and inspired by The Girls With Glasses Show. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do readers! Over and out*

Jigsaw Update

I had a look at their website today and really love the fabrics they have used in their latest collection! Lately I have become quite lazy when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. I throw on what's comfortable and leave any accessories I own to gather dust. Make time to express yourself Miss.Burr! :) Jigsaw's clothing is classic and clean, with a twist. Their clothes have flattering lines and can be mixed and matched so easily. I love the eclectic way they put their outfits together, as seen below:

And here are my favourite items:

Check Jigsaw out here