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Thakoon & the GAP

Thakoon Panichgul is a fashion designer profiled in The September Issue as an up and coming artist. Anna Wintour was asked to suggest some designers to do some work for GAP in 2007 and she chose this lucky, talented young man. Vogue wanted to give new, young designers with no publicity, a place to shine in the industry. Something in the simplicity of his designs shown in the movie really appealed to me. It was as if he was taking something as classic (but so often made wrong) as a crisp, white shirt, and making it in a completely new way so that it has a totally new effect and feel. He injected femininity yet modern lines into something so previously plain. I also liked his attention to detail and workmanship and the stitching, folds and way the fabric fell were just perfect. This Thai man from Omaha found a gap (excuse the pun) in the ever saturated fashion market and has filled it swimingly.

He graduated from Boston University in 1997 with a business degree went on to New York. He took up fashion writing but decided through this that he was more of a designer and then attended Parsons School of Design 2001 to 2003. When he started producing actual collections he became a firm favourite with many in the fashion industry and celebs such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Demi Moore.

His humble, warm nature on The September Issue made me an instant fan and he showed us his endearing vulnerability in the car on the way to meeting with the feared and admired Anna Wintour where he told viewers how his hand shook persistently when presenting work to her.

His high point was when Michelle Obama wore a dress of his to the night her husband accepted the 2008 Democratic nomination for president.

“For me it's about creating silhouettes that sort of have built-in gesture.” -Thakoon Panichgul, The New York Times

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