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{Inspired} Thank-you belly, for allowing me to meet Jessica Hische

Yep. Yes you read that correctly.I had an incredible week of inspiration, attending the Design Indaba Young Designer's Simulcast,where they stream the live speakers in the main auditorium and it is 3 days of pure awesomeness. I left each day feeling completely exhausted but buzzed with all the amazing presentations. Truly fascinating people spoke, and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. To be honest, it was much needed as I have been feeling rather creatively flat of late.

Anywho, I digress. My absolute type-design-hero, Jessica Hische spoke with fellow epic designer, Marian Bantjes on day 3. Having planned to rush upstairs in a nerdy attempt to meet her, I lost my nerve and carried on with the day, eating lunch, wandering around the always wonderful Design Indaba Expo and listening to other speakers. Come 4pm, I went on a hunt for food. Like a starved panda searching for bamboo I rushed into the expo with only 15 minutes until the next speaker. The juice bar was closed for no apparent reason so I headed for where I thought the Woolies food stand was.. When I passed a girl with an American accent, I didn't think twice about it... until I looked down and saw them... the cat tights! When she had started her talk, she had joked that she was "basically wearing the internet". In a true design nerd moment I scrambled around in my DI free issue backpack, and pulled out my Moleskine and a marker. Walking up to the two ladies, I sheepishly asked JH to sign my book. Instead, she did this:


So. Awesome? And a kitty!? A girl after my own heart. I cannot fully express how incredible this moment was for me. She was so friendly and easy to chat to. I went from fan to Superfan in a day :) Hence the thanks to my dear, predictably grumbly belly. It's not every day that your favourite designer comes all the way to Cape Town. *Happy Stace*


I'm going to end with some of her gorgeous work. She spoke about obsession being crucial for success. Her amazing work didn't come from no-where... this chick has put in the time and effort. Inspiring indeed.

All images from her site:

{To Design} Chalk Type

Following my last post on Dana Tanamachi, I have developed a growing interest in chalk typography. Having given it a go at Lolly's wedding, I have to admit that it is rather difficult! So when I saw a bookcover done by Miss.Tanamachi in the gorgeous Book Lounge this weekend, I googled Chalk Type. She definitely dominates the art! But I found a lovely recipe print by Leanda of One Little Bird (done digitally, but I love the use of type), and a chalk alphabet by the always awesome, Jessica Hische.

Dana's design: The Art of Fielding By Chad Harbach

One Little Bird Studio's Cherry Pie Recipe

Jessica Hische's Chalk Alphabet

I'm delightfully busy at the moment but check back soon for some new 'themed posts'. Over and out*


Louise Fili Packaging

Today I'd like to share some great design with you: namely the packaging from Louise Fili design agency in New York. I stumbled apon this wonderful selection of work because one of my favourite designers, Jessica Hische, worked there from 2006 to 2009 and learnt a lot from her time there. The agency tends to focus on food packaging and restaurant branding.Louise's designs are inspired by art deco, old Italian film posters and packaging and often manages to look classic with a differentiating modern twist. She loves typography, hand-drawn lettering in particular and has lectured on the subject. Quite impressive if I do say so myself. So, without further ado, here's some of Louise Fili's packaging design...

I love the details, the illustrations.. the colour and the type. Inspiring :)

I Lurve Letterpress

No longer associated with ze olden times, this amazing form of printing is still used today and while the designs are much more daring and modern, the method is pretty much the same. Artists who excel at Letterpress tend to be brilliant with typography as can be seen by the examples below:

Designer: Jason Gomez Printed by Swash Press

Letterpress designs range from the elegant detail as seen below...


to clean, simple prints which are accentuated by the indents and embossing created by the pressure of the plate.

Letterpress Delicacies

This one made me smile... :)


Alee and Press

Maginating Design,

In her usual impeccable style we have *drum rooolll* Jessica Hische:

This amazing poster by Cameron Moll took him over 100 hours!

All this beauty comes from beautiful craftsmanship :

I'm dying to learn how to do it! Watch this space! Thanks to

I <3 Jessica Hische!!

Now readers, I am about to share something rather special with you all... Her name is Jessica Hische and she is a faaaabulous Graphic Designer/Illustrator extraordinaire!! She works in New York/Brooklyn, and creates exceptionally beautiful Typography. This German/American gal is talented to the max and I could look at all her creations for hours! She has a blog: and website:

She originally studied fine art and when asked what inspired her to get into design she says:

I liked how in design you were solving problems, that there were rules to follow, that the point was for people to GET what you were trying to communicate (unlike in fine art, where if people get it right away, you’re probably doing something wrong). I would procrastinate from all of my other work by working on design projects (I think a good way to figure out your passions are to look at what you do when you’re procrastinating from everything else).

She has a great sense of humour and sense of self. When asked why she started drawing type she explains how none of the free fonts available online gave her the effects she wanted in her designs so she started drawing her own. And aren't we glad she did :) LOOK at this....

Oooooh so pretty!! She has such an incredible style: vintage yet chic, funky yet neatly finished... very art nouveau! A..MA...ZING !

"I love vintage packaging. I like silly roll-your-eyes-ish jokes. I love talking to strangers. I love interior design and vintage/retro furniture design. I’m inspired by other designers and illustrators all the time, by their motivation and by their great work."

What do you feel is the most challenging part of being a designer/illustrator?

"I think pushing yourself to experiment can be really challenging. Once you are good at doing a certain thing, you fall back on it, instead of moving forward and trying new things. You should be always challenging yourself to do new things or at least to push the envelope a little bit."

Jessica follows her own advice in a big way. At the end of 2009 she drew a new drop cap everyday and they are now available online for non-commercial use:

Her work is stunning when translated into Letterpress as can be seen on her beautiful business cards.

Thanku Miss. Hische for being such an inspiration to us all*

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