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K.B.O. Chaps!

Today I'd like to share a piece of inspiration/general knowledge/cool random fact my dear friends Andreas and Simone passed on to me this weekend. The acronym, KBO.

Let me explain. As we can all imagine, Winston Churchill must have had rather a stressful life.. Running Great Britain during a World War and all. Kind of puts our "stressful days" into perspective huh. Anywho, I really do admire this man for his positive attitude in the face of adversity and the ways he inspired his people and leaders. And so, my phrase of the moment is:


Inches: And how are you this morning, Sir?

Churchill: All right, I think.  Thank you for asking.  Missing her, of course, but that’s to be expected.  No point in dwelling on her absence.  We must KBO.

Inches: Yes, Sir.  Keep buggering on at all times, Sir.

Churchill: KBO.  That’s the order of the day.

—— from Hugh Whitemore’s screenplay for the BBC/HBO production of The Gathering Storm