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{To wander} More of London

Once I had figured out the public transport system (and by figured out I mean downloaded an app called City Mapper.. a lifesaver), it was far easier to navigate London. I went to the British Museum with it's stunning ceiling, I met friends for dinner near Paddington Station and even had a taste of Trafalgar Square and coffee in Convent Garden. I will definitely go back there but for now these photos show some of the highlights.

The typography and design in London is so interesting. From the iconic clean logo for Underground to the classic, composed road signs, to gorgeous detailed signage, such as the example below: Below we have a large, blue cockerel in Trafalgar Square, apparently symbolising regeneration and strength. Titled Hahn/Cock, the nearly 5m high piece is by German artist Katharina Fritsch and will be on display for 18 months. On the right: one of many street artists seemingly floating in thin air.

Here is the Hotel Russel, pretty architecture indeed, and the ceiling of the British Museum.

On buildings just outside the museum, there are beautiful, subtle touches of what can be found inside. The botanical art collection is worth a visit in my opinion.

My first Saturday morning in London was lovely to say the least. A friend took me to The Breakfast Club in Clapham Junction and I had the HUEVOS AL BENNY- Poached eggs, chorizo, roast peppers, avocado, fresh chillies, spicy hollandaise on a toasted English Muffin. YUM. And a flat white of course.

London, you are lovely. Soon to come, my first visit to Edinburgh.

{To wander} Greetings, London

Last Tuesday I arrived in drizzly, grey, fantastic London. Filled with anticipation and lugging heavy bags, I was excited by the mere sight of a pub or white daisies which seem to be everywhere. Later that day I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of actually going outside to explore... but I was mighty glad I did. I met a friend for lunch at a lovely little spot called Birdhouse, in Clapham Junction. Perfect flat whites and amazing sandwiches. Hello happy place.


A couple of days later, I met a good friend for lunch in St.James park. What a gorgeous place! If you stand on the bridge and look out across the water, you can see the London Eye on one end of the river, and Buckingham Palace on the other.  Sipping our Starbucks coffees, we had a great chat about moving countries, and the challenges and excitement that go with it. He reminded me that while it's not easy to leave what you know, it's so important to keep looking up and appreciating your new surroundings, to constantly remind yourself why you chose to do it, and be positive. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and think that challenges are so important for growth and to open our minds. I am also so lucky to have such wonderful, supportive friends and family helping me through this journey. Thanks guys :)

I love the stark contrasts in London; between the grungy, old textures, worn down by rain, and the clean, bright aspects against the grey sky.

Another highlight of my first week in London was a visit to Chelsea and the V&A Museum, described as being "the world's largest museum of art and design".

Roses seem to be commonplace in London. Beautifully British.

As you can imagine, I could spend days there. Their collection of fashion through the ages alone is incredible.

Even the cafe is exquisite (see below right):

I love that museums are a place for the old and young to connect in common interests and awe.

Next up, a visit to a wonderful breakfast spot, a touch of Covent Garden and the British Museum. Have a great weekend all. Get out and explore your surroundings!

Jigsaw Update

I had a look at their website today and really love the fabrics they have used in their latest collection! Lately I have become quite lazy when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. I throw on what's comfortable and leave any accessories I own to gather dust. Make time to express yourself Miss.Burr! :) Jigsaw's clothing is classic and clean, with a twist. Their clothes have flattering lines and can be mixed and matched so easily. I love the eclectic way they put their outfits together, as seen below:

And here are my favourite items:

Check Jigsaw out here