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Mtv's The City {Fashion}

OK, so we all know its the epitome of Shallow and totally scripted.. but my house is completely addicted to Mtv's realtity series: The Hills and The City.... Follow young naive Whitney Port as she moves into the unknown for a new job, with a new man, new apartment and new friends. Wow. Low Point. But I love it. Its easy, mindless and trashy. And DO we love the clothes?!Plus, it helps that Whitney is very likable and sweet and there's drama as she seems to get picked on by bitches from all sides. Olivia. That's you. I also love her friend from the beginning of season one: Erin. So cute. And down to earth considering they live in New York and live the high life to a degree (says I... who know nothing of life in New York beyond my insight from books, TV and movies. But anywhoodle...)

It does go far too smoothly to be reality for Whitney in finding a great apartment after seeing only one place, with boyfriend at the time, hot Australian band member, Jay. Plus she starts designing her own clothing line and things go well considering she is technically a nobody is the fashion world apart from her "job" at People's Revolution.

Olivia gives us a peek into the world of Elle magazine and if it was in fact real life one wonders if they hired her solely because of her status as a socialite. Hmmm... She's not a good worker bee that's for sure.

But I am drifting... back to the fashion...

I'll give her this much.. the girl can work black and white..,,,,,,,