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Tit-Bits of Beauty {September}
{ Marvellous Marigold} : Your Neighbourhood Gift Shop

Recently I had the immense pleasure of working on the branding of a lovely little gift shop, just off Kloof Street on De Lorentz Street.Stefan Blom and Dagmar Pagel are the geniuses behind this gorgeous, bright and inviting shop. It's lumo yellow perspex and orange door draw your eye and curiousity and the inside truly doesn't disappoint... Filled with fabulous ceramics, glassware, wrapping paper, stationery, body products (including amazing Salt Scrubs) as well as honouring some of SA's best local artists such as Nicole Vinokour and Alta Stegmann, filling the shelves with an array of stunning wares and gift choices aplenty.

Stefan has an incredible eye for things that are not just unique and often funky, but each like a small work of art, all on its own. The back room can be seen from the doorway, red and lit up with a shrine of beautiful things.

It really is awesome seeing your designs put to use! I was honoured to produce the corporate identity for this fantastic brand and Stefan always know exactly what he wants so that it all works together perfectly. I must mention that it's super reasonable so you can pop in on your way to a dinner party and buy a lovely little something to thank your host!

If you're even half as obsessed with pretty things as me... get to Marigold asap! :)

I <3 Cannelle et Vanille

I always love finding somone who is passionate about what they do. Sometimes you stumble upon a piece of true, clean beauty and talent. Today I was lucky to find the blog holding the work and musings of Aran Goyoaga. Below is a direct quote from the 'About Me' section of her blog.

I am Aran, a Basque ex-pat living in the US since 1998, and this is Cannelle Et Vanille, my baby, my blank canvas for creating anything and everything sweet that comes out of my heart. Why the name Cannelle Et Vanille? Because those are the smells and tastes of my childhood and this blog is very much filled with nostalgia. I am a mother of a boy and a girl who keep me busy and a freelance food writer, stylist and photographer. This blog is a journal of all my recipes, travels and life stories.

The Blog perfectly frames her pictures with its clean, feminine feel. She also shares fabulous recipes so its an all round foodie heaven! Her work is absolutely stunning and I can't get enough of this so here's some of it for you to oooh and aww over as I have....

For compliments and appreciation email her at

Enjoy your Sunday y'all!

The Cupcake Craze

I'm sure everyone has noticed the sudden love and obsession with cupcakes. In Cape Town alone we can't escape the gorgeous little cakes come pieces of art with my favourite place Charley's Bakery only one of many places to indulge. I received a gorgeous cupcake for my birthday on Sunday and I'm embarrased to admit.. that.. I did't eat it. Yup, it was just too pretty!! Dark chocolate base, high swirl of clean, white, glittery frosting with the daintiest red rose made of icing perched on the top. *Sigh* Not that my phone camera does it any real justice....

Anywho, I was inspired to find some pretty pics of the amazing cupcakes out there at the moment.

I came upon this great flickr feed from Le Cupcake

And i just luuurve this one from

And to honour Charley's, a touch of pink:

So when someone finds fat free cupcakes that taste as amazing as these ones, please let me know. Till then, these artful indulgences will remain a treat. But I suppose things that are guilt free are never really as fabulous so we continue to want what we shouldnt have ;) deeeep.

Over and out*

My dream office... for now.

I often look at the Design Sponge website for inspiration and ogle at the gorgeous interior design, yummy recipes and gorgeous random bits and pieces that make up this lurvely site. Yesterday I found a before/after room make-over that I wanted immediately. *Sigh* Light and airy with personal touches and a distinct french feel. TICK

c/o Before and After on Design Sponge Online (