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Red and Yellow Graduation

*Sigh* Graduating has been one of the greatest nights I have ever had. It is still bittersweet because its the end of my 3 wonderful years at the greatest college, Red and Yellow. The setting was Spier, Stellenbosch, always stunning. The weather, perfect warm Cape summers eve. The food, delicious- smoked salmon salad, divine steak on polenta with roasted vegetables and bearnaise sauce and a strawberry cheesecake to end off. The speeches, awesome! Our guest speaker was Paul Warner, the youngest guy in South Africa to start his own agency. He was highly entertaining with his main point being, Never Be Afraid to Fail.

This he backed up with a showing of some of his greatest failures. TV ads that made you cringe, followed by the ulimate comebacks, bold, cheeky ads that made us all laugh. Success. Inspiring.

Red and Yellow has always been personal, friendly and not afraid to be different. The grad was all this and showed all our accompaning friends and family the awesomeness that was my college. We had speeches from some of the lecturers, entertaining and funny as always, as well as from the creative and marketing representing students- Mpumi and Camilla (creative legends) and Kaeley and Rob (marketing peeps). Inside jokes and digs at all the cool quirky characters we have at college made for lively speeches.

It all went far too quickly and before I knew it I had been up, shaken hands and received my diploma and award. wow. Surreal anyone?

The afterparty was 'hectic bru' with okes heading to Terrace (ug) and finally to Upper Level (prev Sprongboks) to dance and jol till the sun came up! GOOD TIMES!!!

My closest college friends Glynn and Candy joined me in the bunker (golfcourse)  in front of my family home to see in the new morning and write 'Class of 09' in the sand. Real world here I come. As they say, "Watch this space."