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I often look at (truly a fabulous mag) and recently they have been going behind the scenes a lot more with blogs from designers, editors and models: everyone from Savannah Miller to Paul Smith. ANYWHO so I saw one that I really liked where they get someone to post a pic of what they wore today on the site, everyday for an entire month.The current blogger: , Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Britain's contribution to the stunning Victoria Secret Model Set.

I tried to imagine what my month would look like and ... erm.... well I don't think it would be QUITE as inspiring as Miss. Huntington-Whiteley's. In my defense, I don't have as much 'access' to designer labels as she does :P.

......'Today I'm wearing Mr.Price tank top, vintage skirt and Woolies gladiator shoes' Yeah doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Soon to Follow: 'What People in My Life Are Wearing' by designer blogger Stacey Burr. *get excited*

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