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{To share} A space to call my own

For a while now, I have been feeling dissatisfied with my website and blog. Neither had done anything seriously wrong. In fact... they had both been good to me for a few years now. But I couldn't shake the feeling that things just weren't right.

I looked at ways to change them, to fit with the ascetic and tone that I had grown into. I subconsciously began to ignore them, hoping the feelings would pass. Moving from Cape Town to Edinburgh, then to London with all the joys, trials and travels in between only added to those feelings. Finally, I realised that despite the good times, they just didn't fit anymore. It wasn't all bad. I had found a love for photography, I was drawn to a more minimal style and in embracing these changes I found my voice again. *Ahem. Not in a cheesy Little Mermaid kind of way.*

This brings me to the present where, after a few months of tinkering and editing, I have combined everything into a sparkling new site to call my own. It is a work in progress, but aren't we all. Thank you to endless support from the ever patient, amazing boyfriend, family and a handful of wonderful friends. Huge amounts of gratitude and love to you all.

Have a look at and drop me a line if you have any feedback on the contact page. Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon!


The van Niekerk family own Knorhoek Wines. Leopards feature on all the labels and Two Cubs is a set of wines within the range, appropriately named so after the two brothers who run the winery. Its is sold mainly off-trade in South Africa but also exported to the UK and Netherlands.It is an easy drinking, laid back wine, affordable yet classy. The owners wanted this expressed in the label re-design and for Two Cubs to appeal to forward thinking young women .

I wanted to keep it as clean and modern as possible whilst maintaining the leopard theme and wine's unique visual identity. Using the number '2' created a great curve and look and the pattern resembles a leopard print. The clubs are illustrated but would be gold on the label adding dimension and class to the minimalist look and the colours would appeal to the chosen female target market.

The cubs are gold emboss and the logo is cut out. The lids are wrapped in the patterned paper, adding further dimension to the   overall design.

The beginning of my speel of work :)

SAPPI ‘Ideas that Matter’ is a competition that required us to choose a local NGO and, using only SAPPI paper products, find a creative solution to a problem the NGO was experiencing. We chose LEAP Science and Maths School, a school desperately short of computers.We noticed that most companies update and replace their computers quite regularly. Our concept involves delivering empty computer boxes to these companies and encouraging them to put their old computers into the boxes. The computers would be collected and taken to where they would really be needed.