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I have just seen that one of my favourite bloggers, Joy Deangdeelert Cho juat posted about too :( But their products are so gorgeous that I figure a bit more attention to them won't do any harm... What started out as a small venture in Los Angeles with 2 ladies making hand-made headbands and accessories, has grown into a really fantastic brand! Check out their shop for some pretty, sparkly, happifying things. Here are some looovely Valentinesy products :)

All images are from their site.


On the 13th of Feb I got a gaggle of friends together and went to watch 'Valentines Day.' They had me at "From the director of Pretty Woman" and after seeing the amazing cast featured in the trailer, there was no way I was missing this movie! After seeing some recent flops involving similar actors and tresses such as Couple's Retreat I was Verrrry impressed! It could be called an American 'Love Actually' and was entertaining from beginning to end covering numerous love stories, centered around a florist, over the course of one day... Yes, you guessed it.. Valentines Day. My favourite scene was at the end with Julia Roberts and... well, just watch it :)