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Happiness at High Tea ala {Mount Nelson}

Recently, I had a truly luxurious, sinfully delicious, royal experience. Afternoon High Tea at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Gardens, Cape Town. I had heard all about it but nothing quite prepared me for the fabulous food, decor and ambiance that followed. My housemates decided to go in honour of our friend Rosi who was leaving South Africa to return to the States. What a lovely way to end an exchange trip! It was not cheap at R165 a head, but, we were greeted so warmly and treated like royalty, seated on gorgeous comfortable armchairs that seem to hug you as you sit down (though admittedly the gorgeous venue did intimidate me so that for the first half an hour I was perched on the edge of my seat.) I really felt like a lady! There's something wonderful about doing things the old fashioned way sometimes. About slowing down and taking things in without worrying about work or responsibilities. Every detail is carefully considered from the wallpaper and stunning chandeliers, to the perfectly positioned framed pictures depicting scenes of days long gone by. Our choice of tea (I went for a safe option- English Breakfast, though they had a huge list of white, black and herbal teas) arrived in see-through "cups" which you then drop into a see-through pot of piping hot water. This means you can decide on the strength of tea. There are brown and shite sugar cubes in a pretty white sugar bowl and I oohed at the quaintness of it and made a mental note to use sugar cubes in my home one day. The clean white china on the cleaner white table cloth was the perfect back-drop (yes, I admit.... I did spill tea all over this pristine setup later. Ahem.. moving on...)

The food. My God. The food. Laid out on a long table, on silver dishes at varying heights, it was an overwhelming selection of cakes, pastries, savouries and even the classic: cucumber sandwiches. One canape in particular kept us going back for more. A rich, yet strangely light, mushroom filled pastry pocket. I had 4. The salmon "eclairs" with slivers of salmon and cream cheese encased in choux pastry, also had me heading back to the table. The sweets were like mini works of art and I especially liked the mini lemon cakes and anything chocolate.

On the website they say, "New to the Windsor Table is a Gingerbread and Gianduja Cake; a Lemon Chiffon, Passion Fruit and White Chocolate Cake, and fresh from the oven savoury Empanadas with assorted fillings like Curried Mince, Lamb or Mushroom and Goats Cheese." HEAVEN.

And the bathroom!! Wow. Exquisite! Blue and white floral wallpaper, frosted decals on the mirrors, clean white towels, white orchids.. *sigh* Can I live here? Pleeease?

High Tea at Mount Nelson