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Valentines ala

I have just seen that one of my favourite bloggers, Joy Deangdeelert Cho juat posted about too :( But their products are so gorgeous that I figure a bit more attention to them won't do any harm... What started out as a small venture in Los Angeles with 2 ladies making hand-made headbands and accessories, has grown into a really fantastic brand! Check out their shop for some pretty, sparkly, happifying things. Here are some looovely Valentinesy products :)

All images are from their site.

Oysho Swoon 2011

It has been a long long time since I looked at the Oysho website. So when I saw a  blog post on their new packaging... I rushed over to their site to oogle at their products. Mmmm!!! Here are some of my favourites: I love the simplicity of their packaging. Gorgeous gorgeous stuff.

Love love the cute and fun packaging for their socks! According to their mission statement, they really consider the environment and sustainability too! Thumbs up guys.

In other products, from accessories to PJs, they have used bears, bunnies, Tin Tin and the cat from Alice and Wonderland, to name a few.. and which really bring in a cute whimsical feel!

You can buy these awesome bits and bobs at

Forever New Style
Forever New Style

This gorgeous Australian based store opened quite recently in Cape Town, at the Waterfront and Canal Walk. Without fail, I always find myself drawn to them. The luxurious, vintage style, cream stores.. lit up and set up so beautifully that you feel special just walking around. Admittedly the only thing I have ever bought there is a beanie as it is on the pricey side.. but the clothes and accessories are really stunning. Think pearls and feathers, blush tones, romance, florals and quality stitching and fabrics. So here is a style board with a few Forever New items to honour this brand :)

StaceyBurr’s “Today we’re wearing” Part 3

We're heading back to the airport with this one. It's me folks. Headed from work to the airport to see a friend off. Lighting's not great but the dress is dark grey-blue with gathers on the sleeves and hips, and the tights grey blue, with tan boots and a scarf with white, grey and blue leopard print.

StaceyBurr's "Today we're wearing"

Re. my earlier post about's "What I'm Wearing" section where they get someone to post a pic of what they wore that day on the site, everyday for an entire month. The post-er at the time was Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Britain's contribution to the stunning Victoria Secret Model Set. I am going to share my friend's outfits from time to time, the first two pics are my lovely housemates when we went to see Ros off at the airport...

Have a great weekend all! Over and out*