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I like: Guy With Camera, Real Beer Festival

Guy With Camera, Andrew Brauteseth, is a locally based photographer whose work I love. Its often hazy and ethereal but he captures moments and moods extremely well. He won Best Photography Blog at the SA Blog Awards this year. A recent visit to his blog journalled his visit to the Real Beer Festival at the Old Biscuit Mill. Held by &Union and Jack Black Beer, it had a huge turnout and was of course, a magnet for the trendsetters and followers in Cape Town. I'm not a big beer drinker but have been so impressed by &Union: their design, vibe, marketing, waiters, awesome spot in Bree Street, all make me heart the brand and wish I was into stout like my dear friend Meredith :) The typography for this festival is so great and reminds me how sometimes the best design is the cleanest, simplest work.

Here's a few of Guy With Camera's shots of the festival:

For more of his awesome work check out his blog: or website: &Union's Blog is also cool:

And while I'm on the subject, look at the luuurvely packaging that &Union has:

Tick times 7. Over and out*