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Black and White Photography Love

To end off this little series of black and white appreciation, I would like to share some of the best black and white photography I have found online over the last few months. I love how a lack of colour almost makes them more striking. We all know it's a flattering effect, but besides that.. it lends more to the imagination and adds a really classic touch, whether legitimately taken a long while ago, or not.

These first two are both NYC photographer James Jowers 1960's-70's:






Guy With Camera




Beauty in Black and White: Hepburn

When I think of a woman to epitomise the flattering quality of black and white photography, Audrey Hepburn comes to mind immediately. She has been a style icon for decades and her simple, chic, yet quirky look has been mimicked and published over and over. A common suggestion for a classic, yet effective, outfit is "The Little Black Dress". This began with Coco Chanel and Hepburn brought it back and made it her own! To carry on the black and white theme, I am sharing some of my favourite images of this fabulous actress. Enjoy*

Superette Business Card

In keeping with the theme of black and white as an effective branding look, I would like to share Superette's awesome business card. If you live in Cape Town and have not visited this gorgeous eccentric cafe... What is wrong with you!!?? Go. Tomorrow. :) Their sandwiches are seasonal, fresh and delicious!

I love the silver "S" and orange pattern used on the back. The size is also larger than normal business cards. You can see just by this that they associate themselves with design.

Quirky Photographer: Rodney Smith

These cool, old-fashioned, quirky photos each have a great twist which I love.

He studied at Yale and has his work shown in many galleries world wide. He also has numerous books of his work, the latest called "The End".I also really like the typography of his website. Clean, classic and modern all at once.