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New Look

Helloooo Readers! So, as y'all can see, my blog has a brand spanking new look. I wanted the images I share to be the main event of this blog so it's much lighter and cleaner. I have developed my logo and colour scheme too, for my brand. Opinions are welcome :) I will continue with regular posting soon (ha ha I sound like a broadcasting network in the 70s).

Over and out*

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Changes are afoot!

Ok readers, I apologise for the vagueness of this post, but I needed to let you know that this blog's appearance is due to change in the next while. This is just one change amongst many and I'm so excited! Details soon lovely people. Till then, away with you! Shoo.


An Exercise in Gratitude: Leah Dieterich

This blog is something different and special. I just love reading the quirky thank-you notes that Leah Dieterich posts everyday. It states on the blog that her mother always told her to write thank-you notes. So she does. To everything :)Its great, so check it out: THX and here are some of my favourites:

So cool!  I want to try....

Dear Thief Who Stole My Cellphone,

Thank-you for reminding me that I depend far too much on said phone and how being available 24/7 is highly overrated. I was also forced to let go of hundreds of old messages and numbers, and therefore have been given a clean slate of sorts. I hope that you didn't mind the quirks that came with my phone due to numerous drops, including one in a toilet a week before you stole it.

Enjoy! Stacey

:) Over and out* "Today I'm Wearing"

I often look at (truly a fabulous mag) and recently they have been going behind the scenes a lot more with blogs from designers, editors and models: everyone from Savannah Miller to Paul Smith. ANYWHO so I saw one that I really liked where they get someone to post a pic of what they wore today on the site, everyday for an entire month.The current blogger: , Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Britain's contribution to the stunning Victoria Secret Model Set.

I tried to imagine what my month would look like and ... erm.... well I don't think it would be QUITE as inspiring as Miss. Huntington-Whiteley's. In my defense, I don't have as much 'access' to designer labels as she does :P.

......'Today I'm wearing Mr.Price tank top, vintage skirt and Woolies gladiator shoes' Yeah doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Soon to Follow: 'What People in My Life Are Wearing' by designer blogger Stacey Burr. *get excited*

(Pics from

I <3 Mrs. Lilien

Sorry I have been MIA ths weekend. Turns out moving is a tad stressful... a tad :) If you haven't seen this website, check it out! This designer, stylist extraordinaire is fabulously witty and has put together a blog with characters such as Mrs. Brunch or Mrs. Mingle with everything they might need laid out so beautifully. Each is followed with a description of the character in rhyme and wit to delight every reader.

She tells stories so well and every detail is carefully considered. So so brilliant! Big big tick from me!