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Girl Crush and Style Envy: {Emma Watson}

You all know her as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter movies. But since her first appearance at the age of 9 she's come a long way! Not only has she won awards for her acting in the magical movies; she now models for Burberry! Born in Paris and living there till the age of 5, she's technically a bred Brit, based in Oxfordshire. Now she studies at Brown University, Rhode Island, USA and is said to be loving it. I love her creative, down-to-earth, yet openly feminist attitude and think she is definitely the next Keira Knightley. Hollywood doesn't seem to have stolen her innocence as yet and we can all look forward to her role in the final movie, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.'

Until then, here she is featured in numerous magazine shoots including Italian Vogue, Teen Vogue, VS Magazine and Elle...

“I think when you take away all, like, the premieres and press stuff and all the special effects, then you just come down to the fact that it's all about acting, and I think that has been the best bit for me.”

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