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{Eat here!} 'Voila'

Having visited the new improved, very stylish Cape Quarter, De Waterkant a few times, I have to say that my best experience has been at Voila, shop no.42: a pretty, eccentric, French themed cafe. The decor is fun, yet chic with pink and lime green pulled together with white as the main colours. They haven't been afraid to mix and match various textures and patterns, from wire "rocking chairs" to paisley multi-coloured wallpaper and woven texture on the ceiling.

These chairs are surprisingly comfortable!

The amazing selection of sweet treats is beautifully displayed as you enter the restaurant, adding to the temptation! They have something for everyone with divine, moist carrot cake placed on a clean white plate with sliced strawberries on the side, and a thoughtful dusting of icing sugar to finish it off... or simply a heart shaped shortbread biscuit to partner your delicious latte.

You can't really see it in this picture but the lights are frosted glass tea-cups--- awesome! As my friend Nick agrees....Note expression.

Some of the items on the menu are calling me back! e.g. Mon Cherie: Scrambled eggs with Home-made pesto, cherry tomatoes, spinach and feta. Served with your choice of health, white or buttermilk rye bread. Its not cheap but worth it for the awesome vibe and food. Go there on my recommendation and let me know what you think!

Bon appetit*

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