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StaceyBurr’s “Today we’re wearing” Part 3

We're heading back to the airport with this one. It's me folks. Headed from work to the airport to see a friend off. Lighting's not great but the dress is dark grey-blue with gathers on the sleeves and hips, and the tights grey blue, with tan boots and a scarf with white, grey and blue leopard print.

StaceyBurr's "Today we're wearing"

Re. my earlier post about's "What I'm Wearing" section where they get someone to post a pic of what they wore that day on the site, everyday for an entire month. The post-er at the time was Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Britain's contribution to the stunning Victoria Secret Model Set. I am going to share my friend's outfits from time to time, the first two pics are my lovely housemates when we went to see Ros off at the airport...

Have a great weekend all! Over and out*