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Elementary my dear Watson

Guy Ritchie has done it again with Sherlock Holmes. A brilliant, classy movie with the 'Snatch' edge. And I'll admit that though all the actors/tresses were amazing in their own right, Robert Downey Jr completely rocked this movie. He said with pure irony in his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, "they needed me! Avatar was gonna take us to the cleaners! If they didnt have me we didnt have a shot buddy!"

AND the dude loooves his wife! Acceptance speech part deux: "I really don't want to thank my wife because I could be bussing tables at the Daily Grill right now if not for her. Jesus, what a gig that'd be." A definite aww moment.

And WOW the design! The cinematography! The music! The costumes, make-up, sets! The typography! mmmmm See below in these stills of the credits:

So, moving on from my crush on this fine man lets look at the design of the movie posters/teasers:

I didnt warm to Waston's fiancee but perhaps that was intentional... Will have to wait for the sequel to see. This also might just be because of the close relationship Watson nd Holmes have and as a viewer we naturally want them to stay as close and for the adventures to continue. We are also left wondering what will become of the romance between Adler and Holmes. Can't these kids just get it together and be happy damnit! There was an eerie darkness to this movie that suggests that Holme's usual methods of deduction may not be enough. Oooh bring on the sequel!