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Birthday Birthday!

So yesterday was my birthday, and what a lovely day it was! To any family and friends reading this, thank-you! Here is a lil somethin to illustrate for y'all what my day consisted of:

Img01 source

First there was a delightful brunch at Nook in Stellenbosch, ending with a yummy fig cupcake... then lunch at my favourite Claremont coffee shop, Starlings with Boyfriend... followed by Midnight in Paris (at last! It has incredible shots of Paris, I really enjoyed it) at the movies, a wander round the shops and a long stint looking at Exclusive Books.. And finally, an awesomely fun Valentines dinner at Zapata with Boyfriend- who surprised me with red roses and made me feel so special the entire day! :) *smoosh, love!* We shared a huuuge platter of nachos, quesadillas, chilli poppers etc and jug of mixed margaritas. Om nom.

Happy Stace :) I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day! Over and out*

Bookcover Love: F.Scott Fitzgerald Collection

Whilst perusing the shelves of Exclusive Books the other day (one of my favourite pastimes), I came upon two beautiful, unique book covers:

I'm in love... and a little envious that they aren't my design :) They are in fact, by the very talented, Coralie Bickford-Smith at Penguin Books. She really has an incredible job! But my does she deserve it. She is extremely talented! I particularly liked the interview she did with Design Sponge. Her use of foil really makes the book look classy and luxurious, and the patterns are so appropriate for the time the books are set in, the themes of each individual book and yet so modern!

This new collection of F Scott Fitzgerald classics is truly inspiring, and since I have just recently seen the ol Great Gatsby for the first time, today I would like to honour this piece of design, and thank Penguin for continuing to make the classics appealing to all.

Even the bookmark is perfect!

Thanks to

The reading experience...

I recently stumbled upon some gorgeous ads thanks to The agency is Kaspan and they created them for Anagram bookshop, in Prague. “Words create Worlds,” the ad states. I love.

I followed a similar concept when I entered the 'Redesign Our Bag Competition' that Exclusive Books held in 2008. They held a national competition to find a bag design that would encompass the brand, show their passion for books and the effect they have on readers in South Africa. I was honoured to be one of the top ten finalists.

I decided that an explosion of watercolour effectively shows the way reading can open up your mind and show you amazing things. I used Nelson Mandela and Brian Habana for two designs, keeping the South African feel. Each theme from sport to romance is illustrated in colour with the striking white images cut out of it.

Here (above) we have the history/politics theme and generic bag. Below it is the back of the bags where the colour of the man and his tie will differ accordingly.

Book buying FAIL

I'd like to introduce you all to my next read. Plus (cue excited squeals and drumroll) there is a little antic-dote about this book...

Whilst perusing the shelves of Cavendish Exclusive Books I saw "The Mitfords. Letters Between Six Sisters" in the biography section. After reading the synopsis I decided it was right up my alley: 2nd World War; relationships between six stylish, rebellious sisters expressed through letters. Only problem: the state of it. It wasn't overly tatty but looked like it had been picked up and put down 3 too many times. It looked like a 2nd hand book. And call me fussy and particular but I don't like spending money on something full price that that is technically second-hand.

SO I went to the Somerset West branch with the intention of buying another copy. Alas. Nothing. I asked at the counter only to be told that they could order a copy, but would call me the next day with details. The next morning, Chad called with the sad news that a newly ordered copy would take 6 to 8 weeks. BUT AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT! They had located one at the Cavendish Branch and that copy would be ready for my collection at the S West branch in 1 week..............

One word.