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Appreciation Station {Darling Clementine}

As we come ever closer to Christmas, one can't help but notice the usual garlands of red and green, the obscene amounts of glitter, sliver tinsel and loud type beckoning people to buy everything in sight!So, it was a relief for me to see some stationery design that was whimsical, slightly retro, quirky and clean.. and really captures the joy behind giving gifts. Not limiting themselves to paper, they also make cushions and trays.


Sounds like my kind of place! Here is some of their lovely work, for Christmas and more:

These French themed ones are very cute :)

 See more at Darling Clementine

Appreciation Station: {Tom Davie}

Tom Davie's He is studiotwentysix2, a muti-medium design agency in Chicago. His work has so much depth and the typography below often has a tongue-in-cheek, other meaning to it. All this whilst using very little colour and often sticking solely with black and white. On his site it says: "Tom has worked as an artist, graphic designer and design educator. He received a Master of Fine Art in Visual Communication from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (where he was awarded a full-tuition merit scholarship), and has taught graphic design at the university level for several years."

Impressive. So here's some of his awesome typography work for y'all to enjoy :)





Louise Fili Packaging

Today I'd like to share some great design with you: namely the packaging from Louise Fili design agency in New York. I stumbled apon this wonderful selection of work because one of my favourite designers, Jessica Hische, worked there from 2006 to 2009 and learnt a lot from her time there. The agency tends to focus on food packaging and restaurant branding.Louise's designs are inspired by art deco, old Italian film posters and packaging and often manages to look classic with a differentiating modern twist. She loves typography, hand-drawn lettering in particular and has lectured on the subject. Quite impressive if I do say so myself. So, without further ado, here's some of Louise Fili's packaging design...

I love the details, the illustrations.. the colour and the type. Inspiring :)

Fabulous Design {Pantone Calendar}

Greetings all! Sorry for being MIA I was lucky enough to have a weekend away in Knysna for the Oyster Festival. BTW have to say those things are mightily overrated. :) Anyway it was a lovely little break and I will share some pics of that gorgeous part of the Garden Route soon. Designer Derek Bowers has produced this slick, original Calender following a brief from the brand Pantone. On the Behance network ( he says:

"The main aim for me was to make this calendar relevant on a global scale. With the colour wheel being universally recognised, I used this and combined it with a mosaic made up of 1440 different images to create my main graphic. Sticking with the whole worldwide idea, I have included many visual references to a host of different countries within the mosaic, and highlighted many of the main religious and cultural holidays throughout the year."

I really like the simple clean type contrasting with the mosaic. This must have taken him forever!!

Check him out DerekBowers


Sorry chaps, been a tad (i.e.extremely) busy with work this week so it's another short post from me. I really liked the design and message in this piece:

It reminds me of that new song by Train "If It's Love". Will be back on the blog train asap. Enjoy your day y'all! *kisses*