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The Cupcake Craze

I'm sure everyone has noticed the sudden love and obsession with cupcakes. In Cape Town alone we can't escape the gorgeous little cakes come pieces of art with my favourite place Charley's Bakery only one of many places to indulge. I received a gorgeous cupcake for my birthday on Sunday and I'm embarrased to admit.. that.. I did't eat it. Yup, it was just too pretty!! Dark chocolate base, high swirl of clean, white, glittery frosting with the daintiest red rose made of icing perched on the top. *Sigh* Not that my phone camera does it any real justice....

Anywho, I was inspired to find some pretty pics of the amazing cupcakes out there at the moment.

I came upon this great flickr feed from Le Cupcake

And i just luuurve this one from

And to honour Charley's, a touch of pink:

So when someone finds fat free cupcakes that taste as amazing as these ones, please let me know. Till then, these artful indulgences will remain a treat. But I suppose things that are guilt free are never really as fabulous so we continue to want what we shouldnt have ;) deeeep.

Over and out*