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Learning and light painting

Photography. Hold that camera, set it to auto, take the shot, and you're golden right? Not so much. Having sat on my interest in photography for far too long, I bought a great little SLR camera (a Nikon D3200) and decided to get serious. However, saving for my move across the world to Edinburgh later this year, coupled with the camera purchase, left me rather short of any excess cash. So you can imagine my excitement when I won a basic course in photography with Fast Forward in Cape Town.

I am a giddy student, notebook in tow, enjoying every moment. Photography is a serious art. I knew nothing about aperture, shutter speed and ISO before this, and whilst I always appreciated talented photographers, and their choice of composition, I didn't realise how tricky it is. I have loved learning something new and joining a wonderful group of students on their journey to photography greatness. What I have particularly enjoyed learning is how it is ALL ABOUT LIGHT. If you shoot in good lighting, it's hard to go too wrong. If you think about life in terms of light... focusing on the light (the goodness) the darkness seems to fall away, as naturally and simply  as switching on a light in a dark room. That's some food for thought for today. :) If there is something that you have been thinking about doing or studying for a long time... do it. I can't tell you how truly fulfilling it is.

Last night we had our light painting practical lesson or what was really two hours of fun, playing with flashes and fairy lights and generally feeling like creative kids again. This was the highlight of my week, my choice moment to share with you all with creativity:

{To honour} Nelson Mandela

Today we honour this wonderful man. Nelson Mandela has shown the world that kindness, grace and forgiveness are stronger than greed or evil. He leaves us with hope and inspires us to follow in his path, to love... to do everything with passion; to be patient, but also to strive for what you know to be right; to embrace the good and never give up.

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

May we all go forward in love, to live lives of significance and courage, and allow his qualities to live on. Thank you Madiba.

Eat Move Learn

3 guys. 44 days. 11 locations. A terabyte of footage.EPIC

The result is 3 compelling, beautifully edited short films, showing actor Andrew Lees experiencing the countries they visited with no apparent limits as to what they were willing to try! Divided into 3 categories: Learn, Eat, and my favourite, Move, you will be inspired and amazed by what you see, how much they cover, and how perfectly it's all shot. I love the fact that they were so clearly respectful of the people and their cultures, so keen to learn and really embraced the places they visited in their entirety. These include: Peru, Spain, Italy, France, and Chile.

STA Travel Australia sent the 3 of them: Rick Mereki, Andrew Lees and Tim White on this amazing trip. So, this is FANTASTIC advertising! Love it.

WARNING! If you suffer from the Travel Bug as I do.. this will only increase the symptoms. Watch at your own risk.








STA TRAVEL Thanks to - where I first saw these videos.