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A Real Appreciation of Food: Katie Quinn Davies

Wow. Not only does she cook amazing food.. but she takes the most beautiful, real, interesting photographs of food.

Katie originally studied graphic design where she lived at the time: Dublin, Ireland. Since then she has moved more specifically into photography and cooking, but her design-trained eye has clearly been utilized in all her work. Aside from working as a professional photographer, in Sydney, Australia, she also has a fabulous blog: What Katie Ate where she cooks, styles and photographs the recipes, as well as sharing and photographing great places she goes to eat.

I LOVE the fact that most of her photos have a slightly messy quality to them. It's perfectly described on her professional site: "Katie brings a natural, rustic and tactile quality to her photographic work, opting to present food and subjects in an honest and candid state." Today I am focusing on the food side of things, and you will see how she isn't afraid to take the food apart, take a chunk out of cake with a spoon, spill the soup onto the table a bit, creating not only a great visual composition, but also making it easy to imagine the delicious flavour and texture. Her props are so appropriate, diverse, and never standard. She isn't afraid to go very dark, or bring in a strong colour either! The way she lays out the type in her recipes is also very rustic, yet clean, and complements the images perfectly.

Her clients include Martha Stewart and Penguin which is no surprise. Ok enough gushing, here are some pics:

Hungry yet...? :)