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I <3 Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette

J'adore director Sofia Coppola's film about France's doomed young queen, Marie Antoinette (released 2006). Based on the book by Antonia Fraser, with Kirsten Dunst as the main character, this film is one I watch over and over to perv over the exquisite styling, set, Versailles, decor, fashion and even food!

Coppola's modern twist on a historical tale highlights the awkwardness of arranged marriages, the ridiculousness of the expectations put on the queen to 'produce' an heir and the naivety of the queen as to how unusual her opulent lifestyle was.

In terms of styling the costumes are rich, intricate and French/Victorian with that same modern twist seen here or there in terms of colour or materials used. The music contrasts with the setting, from rock to feminist punk tunes it only adds to the irony and effectiveness of the movie. Dunst is amazing in her role and looks stunning  and feminine throughout the movie.

Wikepedia: The Styling..."Milena Canonero and six assistant designers created the gowns, hats, suits and prop costume pieces. Ten rental houses were also employed, and the wardrobe unit had seven transport drivers. Shoes were made by Manolo Blahnik and Pompei, and hundreds of wigs and hair pieces were made by Rocchetti & Rocchetti.  Ladurée made the pastries for the film; its famous macarons are featured in a scene between Marie-Antoinette and Ambassador Mercy.",,,0.jpg,,,,,,,,