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Birthday Birthday!

So yesterday was my birthday, and what a lovely day it was! To any family and friends reading this, thank-you! Here is a lil somethin to illustrate for y'all what my day consisted of:

Img01 source

First there was a delightful brunch at Nook in Stellenbosch, ending with a yummy fig cupcake... then lunch at my favourite Claremont coffee shop, Starlings with Boyfriend... followed by Midnight in Paris (at last! It has incredible shots of Paris, I really enjoyed it) at the movies, a wander round the shops and a long stint looking at Exclusive Books.. And finally, an awesomely fun Valentines dinner at Zapata with Boyfriend- who surprised me with red roses and made me feel so special the entire day! :) *smoosh, love!* We shared a huuuge platter of nachos, quesadillas, chilli poppers etc and jug of mixed margaritas. Om nom.

Happy Stace :) I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day! Over and out*