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Dream Date

Ok. I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for romance. Phew.... glad that's out in the open. I believe in the stuff that songs, books and poems are written about.. The stuff that we grow up dreaming of experiencing, seeing it in Disney cartoons and classic movies... The stuff that drives us to distraction.

So when I saw this image I had to share it. Dream date much?


Here's to smooshiness this weekend! I doubt any of us will be on futons under a fairy lit tree watching movies with popcorn and candles all around. But still :) Over and out*

Frolicking in Newlands Forest

I love this city. No seriously. Cape Town is pretty awesome!We have sooo many amazing places to see and things to do here. One thing that I like to take advantage of quite regularly is the Newlands Forest. Nestled at the bottom of Table Mountain is a stunning combination of rich, green forest, overhung with trees and overgrown with roots, huge rocks and streams and great hiking paths through it all, heading up to a fabulous view of the city of Cape Town. It seems impossible to get lost as you explore this menagerie with paths meeting and splitting and somehow all ending up at the place you parked your car. (Or more eco-friendlyishly, your bicycle).

My housemate, Ros, and I decided to get some outdoorsy exercise recently and the forest was of course the perfect place.

If you are lucky enough to live here and haven't done this yet... Shame on you!! Hop to it :)