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Fabulous Design {Pantone Calendar}

Greetings all! Sorry for being MIA I was lucky enough to have a weekend away in Knysna for the Oyster Festival. BTW have to say those things are mightily overrated. :) Anyway it was a lovely little break and I will share some pics of that gorgeous part of the Garden Route soon. Designer Derek Bowers has produced this slick, original Calender following a brief from the brand Pantone. On the Behance network ( he says:

"The main aim for me was to make this calendar relevant on a global scale. With the colour wheel being universally recognised, I used this and combined it with a mosaic made up of 1440 different images to create my main graphic. Sticking with the whole worldwide idea, I have included many visual references to a host of different countries within the mosaic, and highlighted many of the main religious and cultural holidays throughout the year."

I really like the simple clean type contrasting with the mosaic. This must have taken him forever!!

Check him out DerekBowers